In the sauna department, you will experience and understand why the sauna is traditionally regarded as a source of well-being.


In a Karelian sauna, natural materials are an important part of the experience. The details reflect the Karelian landscape of the soul: the walls have a beautiful hewn surface, and there are traditional Karelian woven bands within reach of your hand. What will happen if you pull one of the bands?


In this sauna, you will enjoy the beautiful details. The walls have a decorative surface influenced by traditional Karelian ornaments. Around the stove and on the back wall, the copper surface has the warm tones of the sunset. Lean back, relax for a moment and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Sampo.


The dim, soft atmosphere of this steam sauna invites you to relax in the gentle heat. Sit by the mysterious pot and listen to its ancient story. Raise your eyes towards the starry sky on the ceiling and let it transport your thoughts far away.


Hot and cold

After a sauna, it feels good to cool down by taking a dip in the pool near the saunas. The bravest sauna-bathers will complete the experience by gently rubbing finely crushed ice on their bodies. The pool department has both a hot pool and cold pool. At Bomba, everyone will find their way to enjoy a bit of hot-and-cold therapy!