The sauna stove is whispering its stories. Beads of sweat on your skin. No words are needed in the soft dimness. Let your mind stop thinking, your breathing slow down, your body cleanse. A dip into icy water. You are gasping for air, you feel alive. The heat of the sauna is inviting.

Kiuas kuiskii tulen tarinoita, hikikarpalo vierii iholla. Saunan hämärässä puhutaan sanoitta. Antaa ajatusten rauhoittua, hengityksen hidastua, kehon puhdistua kauttaaltaan. Pulahdus jäiseen veteen. Haukot henkeä. Olet elossa. Löyly maittaa taas.

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Experience the healing dialogue of hot and cold on your skin

The combination of the heat of the sauna and cold water is traditionally considered to have therapeutic effects. Changes in temperature are believed to relax the body, and professional athletes are known to make use of heat and cold in recovering from their performances. A sauna alone has been proven to promote a healthy heart and relax the mind.